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Since 2006 Genostim® Performance Labs have been the leader in natural peptide technologies for both human and pet health and longevity. By taking Genostim® products regularly along with exercise and a balanced diet, your body will begin to fight stress factors naturally allowing you to feel great, sleep better, improve your muscle tone, increase your concentration and boost your VIRAL SHIELD.

Through our inclusion of naturally occurring Cationic Host Defense Peptides (CHDP’s), your Viral Shield will be supported by broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal immunomodulatory activity. To learn more about CHDP’s and your Viral Shield, CLICK HERE.


The FDA claims that vitamins and minerals do nothing for anti-aging and elongating life. Other supplements work only to alleviate the symptoms of increased aging, which is the biological equivalent to hanging a picture over a hole in your living room wall. It’s a quick fix, but it does nothing to improve the real health issues.

At the heart of Genostim®‘s science is the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the a collection of glands inside your body that produce hormones which regulate metabolism, growth and development, cellular tissue function and healing, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things.

Genostim®‘s exclusive IsotideTM advanced peptide formula contains more than 20 naturally occurring bio regulators that work directly with the endocrine system to support hormone balance which in turn creates accelerated cellular healing, recovery and rejuvenation. This is the answer to a longer, healthier life, through natural peptides.