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Lauriston Crockett III

Founded in 2006 by Lauriston Crockett III, Genostim Performance Labs is dedicated to providing all-natural peptide formulas to promote cellular rejuvenation.

Lauriston III started Genostim® to promote natural health and fitness in people of all ages.

Through Genostim®, Lauriston made it his personal mission to increase longevity and rejuvenation while educating the public about the risk of long-term exposure and toxicity of synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Lauriston is now recognized as one of the top formulators and experts in protein peptide technologies for longevity and body rejuvenation and is an expert contributor to radio and television news stations across the country.

If you have any questions on Genostim®’s advanced protein peptide formula or products, please reach out to our team at info @ genostim.com.