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4 Daily Nutrition Tips

4 Daily Nutrition Tips

There are many schools of thought when it comes to daily nutrition. We like to subscribe to simpler is better, everything in moderation, decrease toxins/increase hydration and lead the peptide life.

Simpler is better.

This is exactly as it sounds. The idea is to try to eat clean foods and reduce food products that contain words you can’t pronounce or do not know what they are for or do.

By following the simpler is better rule, you will reduce your intake of processed foods and stick to fruits, vegetables, meats and gains that contain better sources of nutrients.

Everything in moderation.

Again another approach that is very simple to understand and remember. It does take some willpower to adhere to it but once you do, you may realize that you have been overeating or eating an imbalanced diet.

Don’t keep yourself from having that chocolate chip cookie. Just do not eat the entire package. Diet and nutrition are tricky as they go hand in hand with mental health. You can’t change your diet overnight. It takes time and focus/willpower to evolve your relationship with food so that when you do eat, you eat a variety of foods all in moderation.

Decrease toxins / increase hydration.

I am a BIG supporter or proper hydration leads to total body wellness and have preached for years that people generally are not consuming enough water in their day. The urine test is a good indicator of your hydration (or dehydration level). Are you urinating only a few times a day? Is the color of your urine dark yellow and strong smelling? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you should increase your water intake.

The other part of this tip is to decrease toxins. Toxins come in all forms but the greatest toxin that people put into their body is alcohol. Alcohol does nothing positive for your body. While it may be a way to relax, in the aggregate it will cause more harm than the slight relaxation you receive.

Lead the peptide life.

This has become my personal mantra as it has been my way of life for years. Leading the peptide life means you are not just taking Genostim daily natural peptides but you are also supporting your body through daily movement (walking, running, weight lifting, etc), eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated and making sleep a priority.

When all these criteria are met, you are moving your body into an environment where it can operate at its fullest providing you with a healthier, happier and longer life.

As always if you have questions on this topic or on our natural peptide products, you can reach out to me or our team at info@genostim.com.

Lauriston Crockett

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