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Did you know about our Pet Division?

Did you know about our Pet Division?

Forbes magazine recently ran a poll showing that 66% of homes in the US have at least one pet. I have always had a dog throughout my life and I know that many of our Genostim customers have pets but many do not realize we have an entire pet division called The Gift For Life.

The same peptide technologies that we utilize in our Genostim products, have been formulated into our pet products (dosed down for pet weight). Our pet division worked with Dr. Gippa to formulate the best natural growth factors to fill the hormonal imbalance gap that happens after we spay and neuter our pets. We then further refined our Canine and Feline products with the help of Dr. Danny Cox who has been a veterinarian leader in Texas for pet health for years.

You can learn more about our pet products on www.TheGiftForLife.com. We do sell The Gift For Life Canine, The Gift For Life Feline and K9 PRIME on Genostim.com but we have received feedback from customers that many do not know where on our website to find them, so we linked them directly in this paragraph.

Please give my video below a watch as it provides insight into my personal connection to our pet division and as always, please reach out to me or my team with questions.


Lauriston Crockett

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