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Genostim Partners With CRUCH Fitness Nationwide

Genostim Partners With CRUCH Fitness Nationwide

Genostim Performance Labs is excited formally announce our partnership with Crunch Fitness. Since 1989, Crunch Fitness has grown to over 420 locations across the US and serves as a fitness community for all kinds of people, with all types of goals, exercising all different ways, working it out at the same place together. The Crunch Fitness brand partners well with Genostim’s forward thinking product development and desire to help all people reach their fitness and longevity goals.

As Genostim’s warehouse and production facility is located in Texas, we will start our partnership in the coming weeks with those Crunch Fitness locations in state and then roll out initiatives nationwide at the start of Q1 2024. We plan to provide product education through our network of trainers as well as special discounts for Crunch Fitness Members.

If you have any questions on our natural peptide supplements or on Crunch Fitness, please reach out to our team at orders@genostim.com

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