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Host Defense Peptides Now More Affordable!

Host Defense Peptides Now More Affordable!

Peptide Family,

We just finished our largest order to date with our production plant in Texas for our Host Defense Peptide (HDP) immune support supplement. This has been our best selling product in Q1 & Q4 for the last 3 years and we know why (cold & flu season).

The combination of our high order volume and other businesses being negatively affected by our current economy allowed us to secure the lowest pricing we have ever seen for our raw ingredients, Vitamin C and Zinc and for our packaging.

In turn, we have reduced the price on our Host Defense Peptide single bottles and monthly subscription to reflect this discount we received on the production side and we are VERY excited to make our best selling immune booster more affordable for our peptide family!

Now a single month supply is only $14.99 and if you sign up for a monthly subscription, that price is reduced to $12.75. You can CLICK HERE to view all our immune boosting peptide options.

If you have not yet tried HDP, it is formulated for the entire family with 30mg of Hexatide Peptides along with 7.5mg of Zinc and 60mg of Vitamin C to give you the most well rounded natural immune boost possible. If you currently have an active Host Defense Peptide subscription, no action is required on your end. When your renewal comes up, you will be charged the new lower price!

As always, please reach out to me or my team if you have questions on Host Defense Peptides or any of our other natural peptide products.

Lauriston Crockett

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