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Inflammatory Arthritis Relief – A Customer’s Story

Inflammatory Arthritis Relief – A Customer’s Story

Peptide Family,

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it, WE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU and we want to share your success stories.

Our peptide formulas (specifically GS-6 and PRO) have been recommended for anyone dealing with inflammatory arthritis as they contain TGF-B (Transforming Growth Factor-Beta) and CTGF (Connective Tissue Growth Factors) which both promote anti-inflammation and increased cellular development in your joints. 

Please read Bobby’s story that he emailed over this morning:

I wanted to provide a quick testimonial for some results I have noticed since taking Genostim Pro. 

I have a pretty bad case of gout and sometimes my Uric acid numbers have reached 10+. I’ve been on Allopurinol and Colchicine for over a year, but still have had constant, terrible flare ups and inflammation, requiring prednisone to be prescribed consistently (which I dont like taking). 

Since I started Genostim Pro I have not yet had 1 single flare up in my body. I feel stronger, my joints feel better, keep in mind I’m only 38, but I’m used to having a flare every two weeks or so. I have not had 1 flare up in about 3 months. I’m crediting Genostim Pro because I’ve not had to take any NSAID (diclofenac, ibuprofen) which I was previously taking by the bundles.

Wanted to let you know about this and I will continue to be a customer for life as I continue to feel more energy, more vitality, younger, and most importantly my quality of life feels a whole lot more restored since I’ve started taking the product mainly just due to the lack of inflammation in my body. 

Thanks again!
Bobby S

Thank you Bobby for emailing us your story and if you are reading this and would like to share your experiences with our Peptide Family, please email me directly at crockett@genostim.com.

Thank you!

Lauriston Crockett

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