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LOY-001 A drug designed to increase the lifespan of large breed dogs.

LOY-001 A drug designed to increase the lifespan of large breed dogs.

Peptide Family,

‘Loyal’ is a company making rounds in the news right now with a drug called LOY-001. It is not yet available to pet owners but could be on the market in 2026. It is designed only for large adult dogs and works by interacting with insulin growth factor-1 or IGF-1, a hormone that causes growth and aging. Research has shown that dogs with lower insulin levels were correlated with a reduced frailty and a higher quality of life compared to those with a higher insulin level.

The reason I am writing about LOY-001 is because we (Genostim Performance Labs) have known for years that growth factors 1&2 play pivotal roles in not only enhancing health and prolonging aging in pets, but people as well. This is why these growth factors (and many more) are included in our Gift For Life pet peptides and Genostim people peptides. Growth Factor 1 & 2 increase lean muscle mass, promote cell growth, aid in tissue repair, promote bone density and metabolic functionality. All are key for cellular differentiation, maintenance and repair.

The two biggest problems we see with LOY-001 are first it is an injected medication that needs to be administered every 3-6 months by your veterinarian. This means pricing may vary based on the veterinarian and you will have to factor in your time and expense to bring your pet to your vet. Second, it is only designed for large breed dogs. Our Gift For Life peptide products are daily chewable treats that you can provide your pets without a prescription or vet visit. These peptides allow your pets to maintain optimal levels of our naturally occurring growth factors providing continuous youthful energy and anti-aging effects. Our products are also designed for ALL dog breeds over the age of 7, not just large breeds.

I encourage you to do your research before buying into the hype of the latest and greatest medicine soon to be on the market and as always, reach out to me or my team if you have questions on our natural peptides!


Lauriston Crockett

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