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The Dangers Of Injectable & Synthetic Peptides

The Dangers Of Injectable & Synthetic Peptides

Peptide Family,

After speaking with a third person TODAY on the matter, I thought I should type up a quick email to share what I am seeing and what is happening in the peptide industry and warn you of present dangers.

Every year right after Christmas, people are bombarded with ads selling fitness and weight loss products and services to start that new year with a healthy mindset. Now I am all for this intention as I practice what I preach and am in the gym every day or outside walking the mile with my dog.

The trend this year seems to be people seeing videos on social media platforms promoting a particular peptide, then they either purchase it from an online vendor without a clear understanding of where that online vendor procured the injectable peptide from or people are purchasing the raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (again from online vendors with mysterious origin and unknown safety) to then compound a mixture on their own, in their home, to inject into themselves.

Injectables have their own set of inherent problems but just focus on the quality of product here. If you are not buying directly from a US based manufacturer or US based retailer with a US lab ingredient list for their product, you are putting yourself at risk for serious bodily injury or death.

These grey market peptides are being imported from China where they are synthesized in a lab or are simply a mix of other products and not the item you are actually looking for. There is no product regulation in China for peptides.

Peptides have life-changing, revolutionary health benefits. I have no question about that as I have had them in my blood every day for the last 17 years. Whether you purchase your products from Genostim or not I just ask that you seek out US based manufacturers who have certified US based lab testing on their products to guarantee your safety and product purity.

We want you to make 2024 your best year yet so PLEASE reach out to me or my team if you have questions on peptides and DO NOT buy peptides from fly by night websites!

Lauriston Crockett

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