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“The World’s Mayor” Joshua Berglan’s experience with Genostim

“The World’s Mayor” Joshua Berglan’s experience with Genostim

 Two-time international best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker/show host, Joshua Berglan found Genostim a little over a year ago and ever since he started living the peptide life, he has become one of our largest advocates for our natural peptides due to their transformative effect on his body.

Joshua has created multiple videos about his experience with Genostim and has introduced the power of our peptides to thousands through his extensive network.

I invite you to check out his latest post LINKED HERE where he breaks down the science behind our natural peptides and answers some of his communities most asked questions about Genostim and the effects of our peptides.

As always, if you have questions for me I invite you to reach out as we are always here to help!


Lauriston Crockett

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