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Walking (Or Running) ‘The Mile’ Everyday

Walking (Or Running) ‘The Mile’ Everyday

One of the core components of leading the peptide life is moving your body every day and my challenge to my community this year has been to walk or run one mile each day.

If we move each day, we win each day. The point of this challenge is to get more people outside, moving their bodies through space every day. The faster we integrate movement and daily exercise into our routines, the faster we will see our bodies change for the better.

Your ‘mile’ may just be around the block and that is just fine. The point is to have a goal and stick to it daily. Maybe after three weeks of walking around the block you then increase to twice around the block. Athletic capacity does not happen overnight. The key is that you show up each day or at whatever frequency works for your schedule and your body.

When you combine daily fitness with a balanced diet, proper hydration, a good nights sleep and Genostim peptides, you are LEADING THE PEPTIDE LIFE which is positively impactful on your health and life.

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Lauriston Crockett

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