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What Every Man Should Know About Peptides

What Every Man Should Know About Peptides

Billy Williams wrote a wonderful article (linked below) that explains why all men should have Peptides on their radar regardless of fitness or energy level. Declining protein synthesis in your body is the cause of aging at a molecular level. Protein synthesis is the process of creating protein molecules from amino acids and at the heart of this process are peptides!

“As a person gets older, their ability to synthesize proteins at the molecular level begins to decline. As a result, aging begins to set in. As it does, your health, ability to heal, strength, cognitive abilities, and all bodily functions begin to decline as well. To counteract that, you must get down to that molecular level and boost your body’s ability to influence protein synthesis.”

We say it all the time, ITS A PEPTIDE PROBLEM meaning you must INCREASE the peptides in your body as you age to cover the loss of production that will naturally happen over time.

“Peptides are like the concentrated orange juice you buy at the store, concentrated extracts of naturally occurring protein molecules consisting of amino acids that are linked in a chain. Some of these peptides are created naturally in your own body. Others must be consumed through plant and animal protein to be broken down. As such, they are a part of our natural existence and essential to our health.”

You can CLICK HERE to read Billy’s full article and as always, please reach out to our team if you have questions on our natural peptide products.

~ The Peptide Guru

Lauriston Crockett

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