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With COVID EG.5 variant spreading, Peptide Fueling should be increased.

With COVID EG.5 variant spreading, Peptide Fueling should be increased.

There is a new COVID variant out of Canada called the EG.5 and the news cycle is pushing hard to have everyone socially isolate, mask up or take yet another rushed vaccination.

What we are seeing in EG.5 or BA.2.86 is exactly what viruses do, they mutate over and over again usually becoming weaker and weaker. We will have some sort of COVID variant from now into the future just like we have the flu. What we should focus on is our bodies innate immune system and everything we can do to boost its effectiveness in protecting us from foreign invaders like viruses and pathogens and support our overall health and wellness so that if/when we do become ill, our body is well suited to fight off the virus.

Long before COVID existed in our lexicon, Genostim Performance Labs was touting the benefits of taking daily antimicrobial host-defense peptides like the ones found in Genostim PRO and Genostim GS6. It was because of COVID that our customers reached out asking for a natural peptide supplement specifically developed for the entire family to support immune function. Enter Genostim Antimicrobial Host Defense Peptides (HDP). This chewable supplement has 30mg of Hexatide Peptides along with 7.5mg of Zinc and 60mg of Vitamin C to give you the most well rounded Peptide Fueling immune boost possible.

Please reach out to me or my team if you have questions on Genostim HDP or any of our other natural peptide products.

Thank you

Lauriston Crockett

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