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Your Immune System Is All About Balance

Your Immune System Is All About Balance

Your immune system requires a delicate balance to operate properly. Too much of an immune reaction could result in allergies, autoimmune disorders or chronic inflammation and too little of an immune reaction could result in increased illness or infection.

I have been reading a lot of published studies (linked here if you are interested) by Dr. Aimee Bernard who is the Assistant Professor of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Colorado Medical Campus. She frequently writes on the immune system requiring cellular balance to operate most effectively as the immune system is a complex network of cells and organs that in tandem protect your body from infection and disease.

The key takeaway I would like you to have is that more is not better when it comes to immune function. Taking large doses of vitamins, minerals and Echinacea drive your system out of balance. Think of your immune system like a thermostat, turning it up too high results in over activation and inflammation while turning it too low results in failure to respond to infection. 

The best way to achieve this balance is through cellular homeostasis via natural peptides (like those found in Genostim HDP) and positive lifestyle behaviors (sleep, diet, exercise and hydration).

Again, the key here is balance. The growth factors found in our daily, natural peptides turn on your body’s ability to repair and replace damaged cells which support all the systems that make up your immune system. Our natural peptides do not introduce toxicity like an increase in vitamins or minerals can and, more importantly, they do not interfere with prescription medication so anyone can take them.

Our Genostim Host Defense Peptides were specifically formulated with the entire family in mind. From children to adults, HDP is a natural way to bring your immune system into balance.

We are constantly marketed across media that more is better and what we need to know when it comes to your immune system is that maintaining perfect balance is just right! If you have any questions on Host Defense Peptides or on any of our other peptide products, please reach out to me. 

Lauriston Crockett

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